We are committed to giving all students the opportunity to know and appreciate the American heritage of freedom under law, equal justice for all, and free enterprise. 


We strive to make all students aware of the underlying spiritual foundation of America in the Judeo-Christian, Based on the existence and influence of a Higher power in their life and in all of life. 


We provide a safe learning and social environment based on mutual respect and responsibility in which each student must uphold high standards of behavior, personal appearance, and cooperation. 


We employ a highly qualified faculty and staff dedicated to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct, who are dedicated to help all of our students make the most of their own potential and the opportunities provided by our school and by our society. 


We strive to enable each student to identify and develop his or her own unique talents and abilities; and we provide an extensive program of co-curricular activities to enhance academic, moral cultural, and athletic experience and development. 


We are committed to maintaining small class sizes, which makes possible individual attention to students we seek to provide an atmosphere, which encourages and respects diversity without sacrificing the principle of high academic standards. 


We value parent involvement as essential to the fulfillment of our goals and welcome parent communication with the school.